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What Is An IT Consulting Company?

An IT consulting company is an agency that offers guidance and advisory services to help brands align their technology strategies with their business goals.

What’s The Difference Between An IT Consulting Firm And IT Services Company?

An IT consulting firm focuses on providing advice to clients and organizations, most often in an existing IT infrastructure.

Their core offerings include:

*  Analyzing how specific tech solutions perform

* Telling them how to improve these to reach their desired goals

* Helping them adopt new strategies and technologies as well as align them with their objectives

However, many businesses ask consulting companies to put their advice into action and implement these strategies.

What Do IT Services Companies Do?

The core offerings of an IT solutions company include:

Product Engineering

IT services companies in the US can help shed some light on the inner workings of your products.

They allow organizations to create better experiences for customers through the use of in-depth analytics and sophisticated platforms that analyze their efficiency and how they’re being used.

This gives brands actionable insights into how to improve their products, what bugs to fix and how to create next-gen solutions that solve the problems users were concerned about in newer models.

What’s more, this helps brands grow and thrive in a way that’s beneficial for both the company and the consumer.

Software Programming

An IT solutions company assists businesses to build and implement software and applications using current industry approaches.

They have access to cutting-edge tools, resources and programs which allows them to gain a deeper understanding of your business needs, customer challenges and opportunities.

This helps in understanding what key features and functions to add to your product which will result in building a more efficient product that makes it easier to reach out and engage consumers.

Technical Support

Whether you’re looking for actionable tips or insights into new technological trends and developments, IT services companies can help steer you in the right direction and give your team the technical support they need to stay afloat.

A strong communication system implementation and subsequent support is just one way these organizations can give your brand a boost.

Technological support can connect to current infrastructures, or it could be a result of a newly-integrated system that the agency puts into place.

Either way, this support is necessary for smooth sailing, taking the pressure off of you and your team and putting it on the outsourced team that has the expertise and experience to deal with it.

Data Insights

Data is collected in almost every industry and business growth initiative across the board.

But when it comes to the more technical and overarching concepts and analytics, your team probably doesn’t know what to do with this information, nor how to get it.

And that’s where an IT solutions company comes in handy.

They give you the overall business and technical support you need to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly and efficiently.

They might not necessarily be consumer-facing, but this data is still vital to understand where your resources are being allocated and if your current technical setup is helping or hurting.

Strategic Consulting

By giving strategic advice, IT consulting firms help businesses outline future implementations, ultimately making them more successful.

From branding to product development and communication networks, these companies can help you create a strategic plan and give you access to a network of information that will inform future business growth.

Strategic consulting can help you:

  • Determine your product structure
  • Deploy branding initiatives
  • Cultivate an online identity
  • And more

It’s a way for these brands to use technology and communication to shed light on your brand and how it operates at its core and can offer some interesting insights.

Additional IT Consulting Services

The list of IT consulting services these specialized agencies offer is a long one. Their job goes beyond technical support and software programming and also includes:

  • Data backups
  • Cloud services
  • Disaster management
  • Network operations
  • Network equipment
  • Cybersecurity and compliance
  • Computer repair
  • Virtual desktops
  • File servers
  • Email

How Much Do IT Consulting Firms Charge For Their Services?

The average cost of IT consulting services ranges between $50 and $150 per hour.

However, some companies may charge you as low as $10 or $25 and even as high as $200 per hour.

The price difference mainly depends on several factors like:

  • Company stature
  • Company size
  • Project complexity

Another billing option is the fee per project. The lowest valued projects IT services companies typically accept is $1,000.

Those agencies that offer high-end services would accept projects that vary between $10,000 and $50,000+.

Why Hire An IT Consulting Company?

According to Spiceworks Ziff Davis’ annual report on IT budgets and tech trends, 76% of businesses plan to implement long term IT changes.

In fact, 56% of them plan to increase their IT budget.

The top three reasons that drive this budget are:

  * To upgrade updated IT infrastructure

  * Due to increase priority on IT projects

  * Because of increased security concerns

This is why you should also invest your time and money in a professional IT services company:

Reason #1: Stay Up-To-Date

Considering the fact that different solutions like software and applications need to be upgraded as new versions are released, an IT consulting firm can help businesses stay up-to-date.

The key benefit of this is that these companies will help you save time and money in the long run since you won’t have to continuously spend additional money on functionalities that will boost your computer or solution’s performance

Another advantage is that IT services companies will provide you and your employees with knowledge on how to utilize the updated tools to better run your business operations

Reason #2: Get Access To Cutting-Edge Tools

Most businesses, especially small ones, cannot afford to purchase premium tools or latest technologies.

Some of them are not even able to allocate some finances for constant investment in technical training.

However, in the world of technology we live in, staying relevant plays a key role in solving problems faster, staying productive, generating client engagement and boosting revenue.

This is something a top IT consulting firm can offer.

Your business can benefit a lot from their know-how combined with the advanced tools and technology they use.

Reason #3: Keep Your Products Secure

FBI’s Internet Crime Report reveals that due to cyber crime, businesses reported revenue losses of $3.5 million in 2019.

Cyber attacks are on the rise and show no signs of stopping. In fact, they are estimated to reach $5 trillion by 2024.

These attacks happen and hackers don’t discriminate when it comes to size, location or industry.

If not protected properly, security threats can cost businesses money, clients and reputation.

One of the core offerings of IT services companies is cybersecurity. These professional agencies have specific processes in place that protect organizations against malware and other types of potential attacks.

They can also train your team on how to use technology to recognize threats.

The Key Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Services

While hiring an IT staff can cost you a few thousands of dollars per month, considering IT outsourcing services is cost-effective.

On the one hand, IT outsourcing companies have a team of experts who can handle all your IT needs at a fraction of in-house costs.

On the other hand, these agencies come equipped with:

  * Cutting-edge tools

  * Software licenses

  * Platform certifications

  * Service subscriptions

  * And more

…which is something that most businesses cannot afford, especially those on a tight budget.

In addition, IT outsourcing companies can also help you improve productivity, efficiency and competitiveness since they can have faster and smarter:

  * Research

  * Development

  * Implementation

How To Choose The Best IT Solutions Company?

Take the following seven steps to choose the top IT consulting firm easily and quickly:

Step #1: Understand Their Industry Expertise

IT services companies have experienced teams that can help organizations develop solutions and connect with their customers.

They understand the struggles that a subpar system or network can have on your overall business operations.

They are also well-versed in working with one another to create a streamlined process that will answer all of your business problems in a timely and effective manner.

However, not all of the IT consulting companies have relevant industry expertise.

While many IT initiatives share the same processes and equipment, industry expertise matters in better understanding your needs which ultimately accelerate project delivery.

Step #2: Find Out Their Core Offerings

Each IT solutions company offers its own host of services that can help your brand achieve better performance.

Their goals and strategies also range. For instance, some of them are more brand-oriented while others are more product-focused.

Some may offer IT consulting services only, others may provide a full range of services including product development and implementation.

However, the question is what type of services your business needs. Once you determine your needs and goals you will be able to find a company that is equipped to solve your brand’s specific problems.

Step #3: Ask About Their Cost Of Services

Understand your budget and ask the potential IT services companies about their cost of services and pricing plans.

Understand what exactly you are getting for the price and make sure every type of solution is included in the contract.

In addition, IT solutions require regular updates and maintenance. So, you should also ask the potential partners whether you need to pay an additional fee for support.

Step #4: See If They Provide Actionable Insights

When it comes to product analytics, it’s common to have complaints about system bugs and ineffective communication networks. Some companies are not able to collect, read nor understand the collected data.

If your company doesn’t have any technical experts in house, you should find a company that can:

  • Provide actionable insights that lead to effective and long-term business growth solutions
  • Interpret this data to help you understand how specific software or operations are performing
  • Create strategies and take initiatives based on this data that will give your brand and your products the extra edge they need to succeed

Reason #5: Learn How They Stay Current

The fast-paced nature of the tech industry dictates that technology evolves, improves and often becomes obsolete within very short timeframes.

When partnering with an IT consulting company, it’s important to look for a vendor that stays current on the latest technological developments.

After all, app development and the IoT weren’t major concerns a few years ago, but they’re mission-critical today.

You should ask potential IT consulting companies how often they do updates and what improvements they already have in the works.

You can also ask what support they provide in order to help make sure updates are implemented efficiently and with minimal disruption to your operations.

Top IT consulting companies will have a process in place to help clients manage updates.

Reason #6: Understand If They Offer Employee Training

One of the most common reasons the adoption of new technology platforms fails is not because the technology isn’t useful or effective, but because employees do not know how to use it properly.

Training is an absolutely essential component of IT implementation, but it’s not always something that gets discussed during the sales process.

If you want to ensure the highest likelihood of success for a specific implementation, you have to choose a vendor that guarantees a high level of training and onboarding as part of their service.

Reason #7: Find Out If They Can Scale Their Solutions

Your company’s current IT needs are likely obvious to you.

Whether you’re moving systems to the cloud or endeavoring to close the analytics gap between online and offline marketing channels, you probably have a good idea of where your greatest technology vulnerabilities lie.

Your future needs, on the other hand, will be much less obvious.

Company technology needs evolve over time and while a specific vendor may be able to offer solutions to address current challenges you should also try to assess their readiness to meet future needs as well.

The best IT partners will be able to offer solutions to fill your most pressing technology needs but are also prepared to grow their service offerings alongside your business.

The agency you hire should offer a range of solutions and services in different categories.

Even if those services aren’t what you require when you first enter into an engagement, knowing what your options are is an important determining factor.

Some Questions To Ask IT Consulting Firms Before You Hire One


When you outsource IT consulting services, it’s important to know what you’re getting into financially.

By 2021, global IT spending is expected to reach $3.68 trillion – so it’s a market that is rapidly growing.

Understanding what these outside experts cost, how they process payments and what their payments are based on is important for deciding if their needs can meet your own.

Key questions to address are:

  • How much do your services cost?
  • How do you break down your service pricing?
  • What kind of payment do you accept?
  • What is the schedule or frequency of payments you require?
  • Do we have to pay more for continued maintenance?

Work Experience

To ensure project success, it is important to hire an IT solutions company that understands the kind of services you need.

To get a clear grasp of their expertise and experience, put these questions to the table:

  • What does your experience with other brands look like?
  • Will there be a dedicated team working with our IT and communication systems?
  • Can we meet the experts who will work on our project?
  • Can you talk about some successful projects you’ve completed for brands in the past?
  • What are the principles that drive you as an agency and as a team?


Communication can make or break a project.

And like with any outsourced work, brands need to be aware of how they will communicate across teams to ensure that standards aren’t dropping and tasks are getting completed in a timely manner.

To make certain information flows smoothly, be sure to ask IT consulting companies the following:

  • How regularly will you check in with our team?
  • Will we have regular face-to-face meetings?
  • What communication channels will we use?
  • Is there a designated point of contact who we will be in constant communication with?
  • How do we notify you of any concerns or errors in the process?

Performance Reports

Tracking performance and data when it comes to processing systems and overall infrastructure plays a key role in business performance.

So it’s vital that the IT consulting company you hire provides you with actionable insights that they can use to diagnose problems and teach you ways to optimize operations.

Make sure the potential IT services companies answer the following:

  • How will we be notified of the process and timeline?
  • How frequently will we get progress reports?
  • Will your team be performing routine maintenance and checkups?
  • What kind of analytics tools do you use to measure performance?
  • What can we do with the data reports you provide?


Integrating new networks, systems and infrastructures can take time. However, oftentimes it’s a necessary obstacle to overcome.

Even so, it’s important that your team knows how long this update will take and if it will affect your current day-to-day runnings so you can make your own plans and notify the proper people.

Key questions to ask top IT consulting companies are:

  • How long does it take for you to implement these systems and networks?
  • What is your schedule and will it be made available to us?
  • How much work will you need us to do on our part?
  • How will this affect current operations?
  • Will you provide support for our team throughout the process?

Takeaways On IT Services Companies

IT services companies in the USA help brands like yours achieve operational efficiency, boost productivity and accelerate business growth.

They typically charge between $50 and $150 per hour.

You should invest in a top IT consulting firm to:

  • Stay up-to-date
  • Get access to cutting edge tools
  • Keep your products secure

To select the best agency for your business needs:

  • Understand their industry expertise
  • Find out their core offerings
  • Ask about their cost of services
  • See if they provide actionable insights
  • Learn how they stay current
  • Understand if they offer employee training
  • Find out if they can scale their solutions

Best of luck!

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