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The 7 Owners, a company established with an idea of creating products and providing services which shall be the best in the world. We believe in developing a bond with our clients based on trust and cognizance.

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The 7 Owners

Our Process

  • 1. Requirement Gathering

    Requirement Gathering is the first phase where we conduct due diligence with a focused approach by Project Managers and Stake Holders. Requirements are determined, who & how the system/application/software will be used is assessed. These details are then analyzed for validity followed by implementation and viability possibilities.

  • 2. Research

    Research is the second phase we follow to deliver a fair and satisfactory result at the customer end. It is very important to do proper research to understand the project in detail.

  • 3. User Experience

    User Experience is the phase in which we focus on the UI part that is one of the most important things in any project. Our experts are skilled enough to match user requirements and deliver the best outcome.

  • 4. Implementation

    In this phase, the project develops and starts correctly. We follow every coding step appropriately to get the required output. This is an important step that defines the entire coding structure and how and when it will be executed.

  • 5. Development

    On achieving the architecture of the entire system / project, one of the longest steps stops. Here the work is separated into different modules / sites / units and the actual coding kick starts.

  • 6. Quality Assurance

    Testing is performed on codes that are written in relation to the requirement specifications provided by customers for quality assurance. Testing ensures that the product actually meets the requirements that are collected during the requirements phase.

  • 7. Deployment & Maintenance

    The deployment phase is where the project – is handed over as a child; Deployed on the customer’s site, ready to enhance your brand image. Once the client starts using our software / application; This happens when real-life issues / scenarios begin to fade away. Our engineers 24 * 7 ensure that these issues are resolved as soon as they arise.

  • 8. Promotions

    Promotion is the last phase of project but the most important one and that should be performed in a systematic manner. We hold expertise in handling project promotions and gaining huge traffic for client’s business profit needs.

The Seven Owners

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